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A new study reveals that different wages create daily joy in comparison to overall satisfaction with your life, but nothing in financial terms helps your emotional well-being. This does not mean, however, that the best offers from different lenders would not provide a great sense of well-being whenever there is a need for additional financial support to reach the necessary starting point, which can at least solve the feeling of instability and others.


If you think that making more money would make you happier

If you think that making more money would make you happier

you were only partially right. There is a point where more money will reduce your emotional well-being and your satisfaction with life.

Using a survey of 1.7 million people from 164 countries, researchers estimated that $ 95,000 (€ 79,236) is the optimum wage to achieve fulfillment. This only applies to individuals, not to families and to the international average. As for the daily sense of happiness, unlike extensive satisfaction with your life, only $ 60,000 (€ 50,017) to $ 75,000 (€ 62,521) may be enough, according to a study. After this level, the benefits associated with more money are reduced, although they may still be benefits.

Note that the average household income in the US is $ 65,000 (€ 54,208) and 75% of US households earn less than $ 75,000. So while some percentages above average say that money makes them happy, most people are far from it. “As profit increases, happiness tends to decline,” says Andrew Tebb, a Fast Company employee and author of the new study. In turn, he claims that an increase of $ 20,000 from $ 30,000 to $ 50,000 (€ 25,029 to € 41,715) can lead to more change in your life than if you make $ 20,000 (€ 16,684) in addition to USD 150 000 (EUR 125 143).

The results from the University of Perth and the University of Virginia correspond to the 2010 study by well-known psychologist Danny Kuffman and economist Angus Deiton. They admitted that people’s happiness is related to income, but only to the income of $ 60,000 and $ 120,000 (€ 100,224) (though often $ 75,000). After this number, the link between happiness and income declined. Tebs notes that the previous study had limitations. In one case, it focused only on emotional well-being, not satisfaction with life, which is undoubtedly more important. You can be emotionally happy every hour, for example, when you make a survey. But by evaluating your achievements and your personal situation, you can feel a different feeling in general. And the second limitation was that the study was only for the US, not for other countries.

Depending on the country, so-called satisfaction pnukti very different. According to a study in Western Europe and Scandinavia, the optimum income level is around $ 100,000 (€ 83,467). In North America it is $ 105,000. In Australia / New Zealand it was $ 125,000. In Eastern Europe, the average was only $ 45,000 (€ 87,640), while in Sub-Saharan Africa it was $ 40,000 (€ 33,374). USD 95,000 is the average of all respondents surveyed everywhere. In other words, it is very difficult to know exactly what you need to think about profit in order to be happy. This may depend on many factors. Previous studies have shown that, for example, the relative level of income you earn in p compared to your peers is as important as absolute levels. What everyone expects and social comparisons are important. We are very fine, social beings that tend to adapt, so these social comparisons take place in many areas of the human being, including career, income and size of your home. And, of course, money is not all about happiness. Income is just one variable in the complex equation of happiness. It is not a trivial indicator, but there are other factors that are at least as important as social relations, family and friends.


How to keep happiness and finances?


It can be much more difficult than it might seem at first. Even if you already have a job that pays off, that does not mean that you automatically have a lot of money to handle. Since so much of the world is working on mass consumption, it is virtually impossible to avoid endless spending like new clothes, cars, etc. There are also many things that are in themselves inexhaustible, such as the cost of living, food, etc. One of the tips it might be that you have to start with the very foundation, ie to evaluate spending, quality of life and real profit. If everything is within the normal range, people should not worry about paying bills, paying off debts, etc. Such people usually feel happier. There must also be a balance between work and rest, because only then can it really feel the opportunities provided by the earned finances. Otherwise, no one will really feel happy with life if the job takes the whole day and does not waste energy on anything else. Another way to invest in finance is to find someone who can do the cleaning work or have someone else prepare food. This will allow you time to use yourself, for example, to do nothing. In the summer, there are certainly many ways to spend your free time to feel happy or at least get extra energy.


Can money make people happy?

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The short answer is yes and no. Everything depends on how the money is used. If you do not have the time to spend money on things that matter to you or what you want, most likely the biggest amount will not bring any joy or significant change in your daily life. However, if it is possible to find time for something important or to buy something that delivers pleasure, for example, for many, a new car is enjoying the eyes. Such a person will definitely feel much better than a 20-year-old car. There are also people who feel good without any private vehicle. Every lifestyle is different, so material things are not always as important as it might seem. For others, such things provide comfort that makes them feel good and therefore happy with their lives. If they do not feel the need to change something drastically in their lives, it may be that everything is already in order.


Money and loans need to be handled with care

Money and loans need to be handled with care

You should not overestimate your options or treat your finances too lightly. Although excessive entertainment can bring joy, in the long run it can cause problems and even negative emotions. Money is just one aspect that needs attention to improve stability. There are people for whom money and happiness are inseparable. It is part of every personal opinion.

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