Bank accounts for students – what to remember?

Are you starting your studies or are you already a student? If you do not have your own account yet, or you have grown up from the one that your parents once set up for you, it’s time to think about a personal account.

You will need it especially if you intend to take up a job, pay for a rented apartment or a telephone bill. Banks offer many interesting products just for students, so it’s worth figuring out which account for the student will be appropriate.

Bank account for the student


Having your own bank account has many benefits, which include the ease and speed of paying for purchases, current bills or accepting salary from your employer. Having a bank account, we also learn to rationally manage our own financial resources,. How to choose the best bank account for the student and what to look for?

Choosing the best offer can be difficult. Banks meet customer expectations and wanting to inspire trust and create a relationship that will result in future cooperation, they prepare products intended only for our users. There are many offers on the market, so when choosing, you should take into account several of the most important criteria, which can include:

  • card fees, keeping a bank account and transfers
  • functionality of the website and mobile application
  • ease of access to ATMs and the cost of using them
  • additional benefits of choosing an offer (discounts, promotions)
  • opinions of others
  • account rankings that detail the most important parameters – all fees, benefits, ease of access and the benefits of having an account

Accounts for young people, depending on the version, are intended for people from 13 to 24 years old. With this in mind, one should look at the upper age limit to which student account holders are entitled. Usually it is 26 years old, however in some banks the maximum age is 30 years. What distinguishes student accounts from other accounts is low fees – usually these accounts have free services, such as a payment card or the ability to withdraw cash from all ATMs. In addition, banks are happy to offer promotions or partial refunds for purchases.

An account that gives you additional perks


Today’s personal accounts are not only a guarantee of convenience and mobility. It is also a chance for additional profits and shopping at favorable prices.

Goodbank has launched the mOkazje program, thanks to which the account user can take advantage of attractive offers from well-known stores and partners. By choosing mOkazje and paying with Goodbank you can save, because part of the money goes back to our account. In this way, a small amount can be generated from small expenses during the year.

An account that gives you additional perks


Often, students use the Erasmus program when traveling abroad. Then consider the currency account that will help you avoid the additional costs associated with using banking transactions abroad. What to look for?

  • fees for opening and maintaining an account
  • currency conversion costs
  • amount of fees for banking transactions
  • fees for withdrawals from ATMs
  • fees for having a card
  • additional options (perks)

Creating a currency account is not difficult, but making a decision about choosing the product best suited to us is already so. Choosing the best account for a student, you should support the opinion of an experienced financial expert who will prepare for us the most optimal solution free of charge.

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